Frequently asked questions

What do you need at the Property?

All we need is access to the property. For the best results then its a good idea to have the property in showroom condition.

The property is still lived/worked in?

NOT A PROBLEM. We can come to the property at the best time it suits you day or night. We work in one room at a time and we ask that there are no people or pets in the room we are working in at the time. So you can still get on with a normal days living.

How long does it all take to do and before I can see it?

If you are after a Virtual Tour, then on average it takes about 1 hour to complete a 3 bedroom house. Large showrooms can take 2 or 3 hours as we want to get the best result for you. If you are after external Drone footage then that will take about 1 hour. We will then go away and work with what we have and you shoud have all the footage ready to up load within 24 hours. Black and white floorplans can take 48 hours to do but as soon as they are complete we will send them to you.

Can we add our information and URL links to the Tour?

YES! Fox Property Visions strongly recommends you add relevant infomation to all the Virtual Tours. We can add a large number of things from Videos, Pictures, Links and loads more with tags. All you need to do is tell us where you would like them and send us what you would like in them. You can change the infomation at any time you wish if you want. We can also make and edit videos for you if you want us to.

How do we add a Virtual Tour to our Property site or website?

This is as easy as copy and paste. When the work is ready for display we will send you the links you need. Fox Property Visions will host the tour for you on our cloud system and provide an embedding URL. This is just the same as things like Youtube. This looks something like this:- <,iframe.width=853' hight.=480'src=' xXxXxXx Or your content management system will probably support the URL link :- XxXxXxX Dont worry we are here to help you through it.

Can i use my Mobile phone to look at it?

YES! All the work we create for you will work on all smartphones or tablets with a full internet browser. Fox Property Visions recommeds using a laptop or desk top computer with a mouse for the full range of movement in the Virtual Tour. We also recommends a good quality VR headset to give the customer the best feeling of being there. The RRP price on amazon for about £25-£35 Saying that the Google cardboard VR sets from £7 are not bad.

How much does it cost for a Virtual Tour?

All our prices depend on the size of the property and what you want us to do there for you. You will be suprised how affordable our packages are to you for what you get. We offer discounts for multiple bookings. Fox Property Visions also works 24/7 to fit around your needs and to get the shots you're looking for. This comes at no extra cost.

What areas do you cover?

Fox Property Visions is happy to work across the UK, We are also willing to travel overseas if requiered. Please contact us for more infomation.

Are you VAT registered?

Yes Fox Property Visions is a VAT registered company.

Can we print out photos?

All our photos come print ready and can be used for any sort of promotional material. We do NOT edit or enhance our photos.


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