All drone pilots that work for Fox Property Visions are licensed and insured to fly both day and night.

The pilot will always make sure that the flight is safe and never take unwilling or dangerous risks.

What we do


Property Photos

If its to sell a property or to mark out the land owned, Fox Property Visions can provide you with the high quality photos you require at a very competitive price.

Promotional videos

We can provide you with high quality bespoke 4k aerial footage for you or your company to make a promotional video. 

Editing can be provided.

Aerial Filming

Fox Property Visions has experience working in the TV & Film industry. Both sides of the cameras. We like to use a number of skills we have picked up along the way for all of our work.

These are some of the productions we have worked on. 

3D Mapping

We can remotely gather high-resolution geo-referenced, topographical data on any land, much faster than any traditional land survey. In addition, our data can be used to produce a photo-realistic 3D model gigapixel aerial image, Google Earth tiles or a bespoke solution that you need. Call us to discuss your output requirements.



Environmental Impact 


With drones we can inspect some of the environmental problems we face in the world today. From flooded areas to land slide and cliff erosion we can use the drones to inspect & assess the danger keeping at a safe distance or recording date for you to analyse.

Damage Assessments

From roof inspections to fire damage.

Using aerial photos you can really see the extent of the damage that has been caused to a structure.

With our experienced pilots we can get close to the danger areas without putting anyone in harms way to get the evidence you need in photo or video format.

This can also save time and money.


All are prices are very competitive.

Please call us for more information.