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A high quality tool for you and your customers to use on a laptop or mobile device onsite.

With Fox Property Visions you can turn your venue into a 3D Virtual Tour.

In addition, we can also get you listed on Google street view, helping your business to grow in the future .


From letting a 1 bed flat to selling a £5million property we can help you and your clients.

Fox Property Visions can upgrade your online experience, increase leads and win more instructions.

With affordable prices we offer floorplans, high quality photos & 3D virtual tour technology.  


Fox Property Visions can now offer a much cheaper and faster alternative to a 3D laser scanning.

With a quick virtual tour with annotations and 3D data for whatever BIM software you choose to use.

Fox Property Visions offers the all-in-one solution you've been looking for. 


Fox Property Visions offers a drone service that can also be used to enhance any of our packages.

So you can now turn your property into a 3D model outside as well as inside.

We are fully licensed CAA pilots that can fly any time of day or night. 




What We Do

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Virtual Reality

We will create a 3D virtual tour of any property allowing you to explore as if you were there in person.

Buyers can navigate around each room, looking at every space from every angle, to find their perfect fit.

Our tours can include as much information as you would like, to tell your buyers everything they need to know.

From promotional videos of the local area, links directly to your sales team, office opening hours and so much more. Visible throughout the virtual tour. 

3D Dollhouse View

The accurate 3D Dollhouse view we create will help buyers get a real feel for the space and leave them in no doubt about the size and dimensions of any property.

This will give them more confidence in enquiring.


When we visit the property we can create 2D photographs, 360 and aerial images in addition to your Virtual Tour. All our photography is high quality, 4K resolution. 


Black & White Floorplans

Fox Property Visions creates a detailed, metric or imperial floorplan accurate to within 98-99%, saving your business time and money so you can focus

on more important things.

Perfect for an up to date fire assessment.


Fox Property Visions also uses some of the best high Quality Drones to capture the perfect images of a property from all angles.

We can also add a 3D image of any property exterior.

All the team are CAA licensed to fly anywhere in the UK day or night.


Promotional Videos 

We offer the best ways to showcase your property or business with a bespoke promotional video. Fox Property Visions can combine a large number of filming styles to get the best result for you.

All in 4k.

From an action packed video with underwater footage to a relaxing holiday villa.

Low Light Photography 

Natural and low light are heard to take photos and shoot videos in. Fox Property Visions has some of the best technology on the market for making that shot your looking for stand out at night.



We can offer bespoke Timelapse & Hyperlapse images to make you stand out from the crowd.

Using some of the best technology available on the market today.

Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months or Years.

Google Street Listing

When you get a 3D Virtual Tour done by Fox Property Visions, we can add your Tour straight onto Google Street View for you for free.

1/ Build customers trust

2/ Access to your target audience

3/ Helps customers make informed decisions 

4/ Passive Marketing

Its also a convenient and comfortable experience for your customers

Social Media

Using our 3D Virtual Tour it could never be easier to link to Social Media.

This is a an interactive website for your customers and clients, Giving them all the information they need.

Stand out from the crowd. 


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Some of the companies we work with